R16 Package = Lamp



Company: Waarmakers
Designer: M. Heijltjes, S. Akkaya
Year: 2015
Country: The Netherlands

R16 is born from the willingness to valorize the great quantity of waste generated by the packaging of LED lamps. The paperboard tube becomes indeed the main element of R16: thanks to several laser cuts, the tube enables the light to shine through and the fixing of the different elements. All components are stored inside the tube in order to reduce the volume of the product in the shipping phase. The tube is then wrapped into a kraft paper sheet to avoid superficial damages. The sustainability of the project is related to the reduction of waste, the optimization of volumes, the reduced use of inks and the decision to include only the necessary components, avoiding the ones that can be added by the end user, such as a pencil and a coin to fix the LED inside the lamp.